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como me gustaria que una chica me entrara

How i would like to be hit by i woman.
Gracias a la chica que lo escribio en 99chan

Okay this is a story written about a girl taking a guy's virginity. I love male virgins. This is also my first attempt at writing erotic literature so I hope you like, and please give me lots of feed back. Also, if you know of any stories that are similar (male virgins etc) PLEASE link me. Straight stuff only. Here it is:

always thought that building up an emotional bond was the most exciting sexual foreplay there is. But I had never really experienced this for myself until last Sunday.

It was just another lazy Sunday. I was just hanging out with my best friend Jon as usual. Doing what we did every weekend after church, playing video games, maybe having a few beers, watching a movie, board games, stuff like that. Everything started out pretty chill and normal; we were just talking and generally having a pleasant time like always. I had no idea that this seemingly ordinary afternoon would become something so much more…

Maybe I had drank too much or something, maybe that’s how it all started. I don’t know. My head felt fuzzy, my heart felt light, and I was in a much better mood than usual that warm day. I watched his cute round face as he talked; the adorable expressions changing as he enthusiastically explained some movie he had seen the other day. I just automatically would smile at all the familiar subtle nuances in his face as it altered with the emotions I could tell he was feeling. He was so easy to read, everything about what he was thinking or feeling would just gush out in the way that his face looked and moved, his body language told me so much more about him than his words ever could. Slowly I started flirting with him, it was too cute to resist. I loved watching his facial appearance change with even the slightest movements I made. He would blush every time I casually moved even a bit closer to him. I started making very direct eye contact to make him extra nervous and squirm under my piercing gaze; I don’t think anything had ever turned me on more than to see Jon look away every time I simply looked him in the eyes. I knew he thought I was beautiful, and when I looked in his shifting awkward eyes I actually believed it for a moment too. The game he was playing trying not to look me in the eyes made me feel extremely tense but just as excited as I was nervous. It was like a thrill every time our dark eyes met.

The strangest thing was happening to me, for once I actually felt comfortable enough to start flirting more, and I couldn’t help it, his reactions were just too amusing. This is when I started making normal, though flirtatious, physical contact. I could tell this made him even more edgy. I could see in his eyes that the thought that I WAS actually flirting crossed his mind for a moment, but then again, being the sheepish virgin that he was, he seemed too self conscious to really accept that fact and a moment later he seemed to just brush it off as his imagination.

I decided to start to steer the conversation towards sex, trying to be very subtle at first. I started it out with jokes and such, merely trying to make it seem like a curious and basically perverted discussion. Then, out of the blue, I randomly mentioned how badly I need a fuck buddy, how I hadn’t been getting much action in about a year. I especially wanted to see how Jon would react at this statement, and if the response that I thought he would give was as entertaining as whatever happened. It seemed like the shock of what I had just said made him too unexpectedly nervous to continue, so I quickly went back to talking about something different. However I still skillfully continued with the physical advances.

I suddenly begin to tickle and wrestle with Jon a little. And despite his apparent nervousness he was not able to keep his hands from automatically touching me. My skin was too soft, warm, and inviting. And in more than just a sexual way, he appeared to get great amounts of pleasure from being so intimate with someone for the first time. He looked like he felt light headed and high just by hanging out with me in that way… That was how I felt at least… We were both still too much in a dream like state to really let the amazement of what was actually happening sink in yet.

Eventually, and I am not really sure how this happened, we had this moment where at first we were just laughing and playing, but then we went suddenly went silent… realizing just how close our faces really were and how badly we both wanted to kiss each other. The opportunity had risen, and awkward silence filled the room abruptly. It was like a silent agreement, but we were both still not really sure that the other one was thinking the same thing, so nevertheless I felt a huge amount of apprehension and adrenalin race through my veins, hesitant though we were still moving closer and closer... Right as his lips pressed to mine it's like an electric shock went through out my whole body, and I just melted. I realized then…This phenomenon was really happening...

Slowly at first, he shyly moved his mouth a bit in sync with mine. His lips were so soft and hungry quivering with fear against mine. I slipped my warm tongue between his silky lips and my pussy suddenly felt like it was on fire with tension; I felt my panties rapidly becoming moist. My pussy was fervently tingling, unbelievably damp with intense excitement. Then it was like our souls were dancing as we started kissing more passionately.

I didn’t really care about anything else in the world in that moment. Felt like I was not even me anymore, I had this fantastically airy feeling, like I was floating in space. I felt waves of warm pleasure in my pussy every time a slight moan escaped his faint lips, every time I felt his restless breathing increase. Was I really doing this with… Jon?!

I thought about all the times we were just hanging out, all the times we laughed, being goofy in class, or made ridiculous prank phone calls really late at night. I couldn’t fully comprehend this... Jon who shared the same exact taste in music that I did… the Jon who I would make giggle with my silly faces while eating at lunch… Jon who was too afraid to even talk to any other girls besides me… the Jon who I would pick up at 4 am to drive around in the car with just listening to music so he could calm down whenever he got in a fight with his parents… Jon who wasn’t afraid to cry in front of me, who I could always read his mind… He thought he was ugly, he thought he was fat, he hated his parents, he thought was never good enough, school was always a dull droning hell for him… And everyday all I would look forward to was making him laugh, or seeing the expression of pleasure in his eyes whenever he made me laugh, or the long deep conversations we would have for hours, always ending with us turning to each other with shock on our faces as we realized that the other one was the only other person in the world who understood…

could not fully comprehend this, how incredible it was to be doing this with him, and it felt amazing beyond words!

I could since his exceedingly heighted arousal just by being softly kissed; I could feel his dick is throbbing hard through his pants already. He was shuddering, just like me, trembling in awe of everything that was swiftly happening.

His lips against mine felt like fleshy velvet; warm and moist as his tongue shyly stroked mine. His body tensed, apprehensive and well aware of his desperately inflamed cock pushing against his pants. He blushed deeply as we kissed, becoming more timidly eager, highly sensitive to everywhere I even slightly touched him. His meek little noises were driving me crazy, the way his face looked… it was all making me feel wildly, insanely aroused. I don’t know what was wrong with me, but I wanted to be close to him more than anything else in the world at that moment.

I smoothly moved into a position we he was beneath me. That's when I started moving my hands all over his body. Slowly at first… Across his neck, belly, thighs… Exploring his most sensitive areas. Everywhere I even delicately caressed made his whole body quake with feverish trepidation. I begin kissing his neck and gently licking the outer edge of his ear, moaning my hot breath against his collar bone, neck, and ear. I relished seeing how sensitive he was, the way he took a deep breath and moaned as I breathed into his ear. I avidly watched the way he responded, I was in pure bliss. I couldn’t believe I was the one to be giving him so much satisfaction.

When I daintily brushed my hand against his pulsing dick he squirmed and whimpered with overwhelming yearning. I knew everything was new to him, and vastly surpassed anything he ever imagined when he was alone...

When I started taking his shirt off that is when he knew what I wanted. There was no turning back at this point; I think we both that this was going to be our first time. No words could probably convey whatever was going through his head at that moment… the disbelief, confusion, and awe... I took all his clothes off before I took mine off, so he was laying there naked in front of me. He looked so vulnerable and exposed... Overcome by my eyes moving across his defenseless nude body. I knew he probably felt so self conscious and flawed underneath my beautiful gaze. Regardless of his obvious insecurities he gave the impression that he was still unbelievably aroused by the incredible act of what was happening. I could tell he was more turned on than he had ever been in his life; I knew his mind was racing, in total astounded shock and astonishment… just like my heart was racing; I was amazed and overwhelmed then, by how much I completely wanted him.

All his defenses were down… I knew he would do anything for me… to me. All I wanted though was to make him happy. Right now, to make him happy. I wished he could see himself the way I saw him in that moment, he would never be sad again if he could, if he knew how beautiful he was to me…

Watching him giving whole being so entirely to me, he was absolutely helpless, utterly powerless, it was unconditionally stunning. I was terrified to think how easily I could hurt the delicate creature lying before me.

I needed to show him just how much I truly and completely wanted him, to taste his smooth pale cock in my tiny cute little mouth. I leaned down, lightly letting my warm breath caress his throbbing dick. I slowly took a long lick letting my puffy lips rest at the tip for a moment. I gradually moved my tongue around, massaging the responsive tip. I could already taste his sweet pre cum. I slid my lips gently over my teeth and started to move my head up and down taking his cock all the way into my mouth. I let out little moans, so that even the delicate vibrations coming from my throat made him groan and toss. Gradually I started getting faster, using my whole mouth to please him, letting my willowy hands explore all over his body at the simultaneously, playing with his soft velvety balls, letting my wet lips move all over his cock, kissing, licking, sucking; the whole time gauging his reactions to everything I was doing. I felt so powerful, so beautiful. I let my warm sticky saliva be the lube, letting it drip and run down his pulsing cock and balls.

As I worked my pussy became remarkably dripping wet. It was so satisfying just listening to him moan and cry in pleasure until he was delirious with euphoric intoxication. Every time he was about to cum, I pulled back a little, just to keep him on the frenzied brink of passion.

When Jon had been extraordinarily worked up, to the point where I knew I could not tease him anymore I lingering moved back up to gently kiss his faintly panting lips. Then, I tenderly started taking my clothes off; I bushed in modesty, even though I knew my body wasn’t ugly. I watched his fascinated eyes travel across my slender body; I watched his fast breathing increase even more as his enthralled dark eyes moved along the petite curves of my seamless naked form for the first time. I took his quivering hands and leisurely guided them across my velvety skin, trailing my smooth arches all the way down to my dripping wet pink pussy. I treasured seeing the expression on his face the first time he slid his finger into my wet warm pussy. I had never seen a look on his face that seem to be more satisfied and mesmerized then when he started to move his fingers inside me, making me shudder and whine...

I bashfully asked him if he wanted to taste it. He somehow managed to stammer a 'sure' with an extremely flushed face and wobbly rose to change positions. I laid down on the floor next to him and extended my long legs with my knees up a little, and my tiny toes pointed out... slowly spreading my pink pussy to let him see it’s dripping perfection. I breathlessly asked him to please lick it in a moaning whisper.

I looked down at his flawlessly innocent face as he unsurely went down on me. A nervous laugh escaped his lips as they first pressed against my sticky pussy. He started to say something about how he didn't know what he was doing, and I hastily said that I didn't mind. I watched as he opened his lips and took a few first timid licks.... His warm silky tongue against my clit made me suddenly and immensely wet. I wriggled under him as he held up my milky supple ass and squeezed it pressing his tongue against my cunt harder. I ran my hands through his silky hair, tenderly moaning tiny whines of pleasure with every lick he took. No one was more beautiful, I thought, than how he looked at that moment.

I couldn’t handle it any longer, I stopped him, he looked up at me curiously. I begged him to put his dick inside me. I needed to get fucked, I wanted it more than I ever had before. His eyes gawked eagerly at me, questioning if I was serious.

Quickly he obediently moved on top of me and started to try and push his dick inside, it took a few agonizing seconds to get it in, I had to spread my pussy as wide as I could. I was wetter than I had ever been and his dick still filled up my entire pussy as it slowly sunk inside. I took a deep gasp…

I wondered if he felt as complete as I did at that moment. Everything went away; nothing else mattered, except him and I. All of his mannerisms, the way he talked, his voice, his laughs, his insecurities, they all seemed to come together at once, to create him, who he was… And he was with me… doing this with me… reacting to me… giving this to me, showing himself to me.

Right as he moved his dick out of me again it felt like I was going to cum automatically. I went crazy beneath him, moaning and squirming as he began to thrust into me. I tightened my legs around him, desperately licking and kissing at his neck as I pressed my tiny breasts to his chest.

I moaned into his ear “Jon, I’m going to cum…”

He pounded into me harder with new passion. I started to squirt. I could feel the liquid gushing out of me, running down my legs and ass, making a loud wet sound as it got between out bellies that were slapping against each other. At that moment he said my name and his voice broke off adorably, I felt his dick suddenly get even harder, if that was possible, then I felt his hot cum pour inside me.
Then it was all over.

He fell to the side panting…

After that we held each other, naked for I have no idea how long. Time seemed to last both longer and shorter. I felt his chest moving up and down, it was like our hearts were beating the same rhythm. His face was flushed and smiling.

We laid there until I started to tickle him again, he giggled blissfully under me. My hands moved lower deviously. And eventually our playful games turned into fooling around again…

That night we had sex at least three times. Each time in a different position. I started becoming less silent and more bold with what I was saying during sex.

Being on top was one of my favorite positions. I loved to seeing the nervous, awkward, expression of pleasure on his face as I rode him; and feeling his shivering form under me trembling in ecstasy.

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OP makes the heavens crash on our heads.