Do you lack of social interaction ?


Alright faggots, I'm going to tell you how to have a successful conversation with just about anyone.

I work in a restaurant. My job is 90% of the time, talking to people. It's just as much my job to keep them entertained and make them feel welcomed than showing them to their tables.

I was just like you all. Quiet, timid, didn't know how to hold a conversation, etc. And I am by far not a good looking guy either.

1. Be confident.
~ You know those douches that always seem to be hitting on chicks? Yeah, they don't act like pussies and shit when talking to women.

2. Respond with a smile.
~ NO one wants to talk to some sour looking piece of shit. Smile fucker.

3.Compliments when you have nothing else to talk about
~"You have really pretty eyes you know." This one is a winner in about 90% of the cases. It makes it feel like you are directly focused on them, and not on some other shit. Whatever you do, don't fucking compliment their hair... You fucking queer.

4. Music can spark a long conversation.
~"So what kind of music do you listen to?"
-"Oh I like XXXXX but I also listen to a lot of YYYYY."
"Oh I like those bands too, but some of my favorites are ?????. Are you familiar with them?"

5. Don't be a pussy. Ask for a number
"I've had a great time talking to you. You mind if I text you some time?"

There you fucking go faggots. Don't be a pussy.